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The Stellar Personal Shaver™

A modified ES412 Cleancut Shaver. In our ten years in this business we are convinced the New Stellar Shavers™ with Spiral Shaving Technology™deliver the best results of any personal shavers we've ever tested....period.
(Patent Pending)

In Two Modification Levels, the Level I and the Level II. The Stellar Shaver Level II is quite simply the best performing and best constructed Personal Shaver made....

 For a positive shaving experience it is HIGHLY recommended that you purchase a PS335 Trimmer to trim the area to stubble BEFORE using the Stellar Shaver.

The Stellar Shaver™ Level I Modification. For years we have been telling our customers to use a circular motion when shaving with their ES412 Cleancut Personal Shavers. The reason for the circular motion is that it gives you multiple attack angles for the slots in the foil, greatly improving the foils success rate at capturing and cutting hairs. While manually  making a circular motion helps greatly, we wondered if we could produce the same motion mechanically. We found that by unbalancing the blade assembly we could achieve micro rotations...which as you move the shaver on the skin produce a spiral pattern. We were very pleased by the improved performance. After using and improving it ourselves for a couple of years we asked several of our best customers to try it and see if they saw an improvement in performance...they did. What can we say? Buy one and feel the difference.

Stellar Personal Shaver™ Level I
Shipping Weight: 11 oz
Our Price

Stellar Level I in Desert Rose Pink

Stellar Level I in Midnight Black


The Stellar Personal Shaver™ Level II Modification.
"I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best." Oscar Wilde

The Best Personal Shaver Made...Period. The Level II Stellar Personal Shaver™ has the Level I unbalancing weight feature plus an extremely high quality sealed bearing rated at an amazing 85,000 rpm placed in the upper body cap. This "bounce" bearing, in combination with the upper motor bushing, limits and dampens any excess flexing the unbalancing weight might impart to the drive shaft. This slows wear on the foil and increases the warranty foil replacement interval from six months to one year.

The "Sealed" feature of the bearing means there is no problem using dry lubricating powders such as baby powder or our own Sween powder. In addition the internal switch spring is strengthened ensuring consistent, positive action. The Level II Modification requires 10 steps, each performed by hand and taking well over two hours to complete. Note: To avoid confusion we have rebranded our Spiral Shavers as Stellar Shavers. The Stellar and Spiral shavers are mechanically identical give identical results, the color bodies of the Stellar Shavers being the only difference. Stellar Personal Shavers™ are made to order and may take up to a week before they are ready to ship. Email us at HelpDesk@donnerspring.com for special shipping considerations.

Stellar Shaver™ Level II
Shipping Weight: 11 oz
Our Price

Stellar Level II in Desert Rose Pink

Stellar Level II in Midnight Black


K30SPSS Spiral Shaver Replacement Parts Package for the ES412 Shaver (Transforms your ES412 Personal Shaver into a Spiral Shaver™)

The K30SPSS Cleancut Shaver Replacement Parts Package includes a new modified Blade Assembly, Slotted Foil Head (screen) and Protective Cap (three piece set.) All the parts you need to renew your ES412 Cleancut and turn it into a Spiral Shaver™. Easy to install. Just screw the foil off your ES412 Cleancut Shaver and lift the old Blade Assembly off the shaft. Place the new Blade Assembly on the shaft and screw the new Foil Head on. Presto..you're done! Your ES412 Cleancut is as good as new and a Spiral Shaver™ to boot. Package also includes a new protective Clear Plastic Cover that goes over the Foil Head to prevent damage to the foil between uses. Note: The K30SSPS Blade Assembly and Foil Head should be replaced every six months.

All the parts you need to renew your ES412 Cleancut AND transform it into a Spiral Shaver™ LEVEL I:

  • New Cleancut Replacement Blade Assembly Modified with Weight
  • New Cleancut Replacement Foil Head (Screen)
  • New Cleancut Clear Protective Plastic Cap


  • Cleancut K30SPSS Spiral Shaver Conversion Kit 
    Shipping Weight: 2 oz
    Our Price

    Spiral Shaver Modification Kit. If you own an ES412 Shaver this is the easy and inexpensive way to turn it into a Spiral Shaver  (patent pending)

    • Unscrew foil and remove blade assembly.

    • Clean with wipe, glue weight to  blade assembly. Let dry.

    • Reassemble.

    • Congratulations, you've made your old ES412 into a Spiral Shaver™

    Kit Includes: Degreasing wipe, tube of gel adhesive, precision cut weight and instructions.


    Cleancut Spiral Shaver Conversion Kit 
    Shipping Weight: 8 oz

    Our Price


    Important Points:

    NOTE: NO TRIMMER IS INCLUDED. No electric shaver (face shaver or personal shaver) will cut hair longer than stubble. Either blade shave first or purchase a Model PS335 Cleancut “No Nick” Trimmer (available separately.) It is recommended that baby / talcum powder, such as our Sween Medical Grade Lubricant Powder (available separately) be applied to the area to be shaved as a dry lubricant to prevent the foil from sticking to the skin.



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