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The Cleancut PS334 Facial Trimmer


The PS334 Cleancut Facial Trimmer is an excellent facial hair trimmer that can double as a personal trimmer. Its straight handle shape allows you to trim hair away from facial areas such as eyebrows and lips as well as hair from your underarms, back, legs, pubic area (testicles, labia, etc.) The PS334 trims the hair close, but not flush with the the skin, leaving a slightly "stubby" feel. This leaves the hair the prefect length it needs to be before using either the ES412 or ES1080 Cleancut shavers to shave the area smooth. If you are purchasing an ES412 or ES1080 Cleancut Personal Shaver we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you purchase a PS335 or PS334  trimmer to prep the area to be shaved to stubble length. Remember, no electric shaver made today can shave hair longer than short stubble. Before using one of our shavers for the first time, you'll need to trim the area to stubble length with a trimmer... preferably one of our PS335 or PS334 Trimmers.  

The PS334 personal trimmer has a special "no nick" design. The PS334's cutting head is designed not to cut or nick you. Like all of our Cleancut brand products, the PS334 facial trimmer is a quality product made in Japan. And in Japan they have a tendency to call their products by what we in the west might consider peculiar anglicized names, hence the "Shavy Femini" name emblazoned on the handle. Think of it as giving some Japanese character to the product. The peculiar name doesn't effect the quality or popularity of the trimmer...The competition is so impressed that they have a Chinese knockoff where they change just one letter of the name. Funny name, great little body trimmer.

One last observation. A number of our customers use the PS334 Facial Trimmer without following up with a shaver. By itself it gives pretty good cosmetic results. It leaves a slight stubble feel, but from about a foot on it looks great. Plus trimming to stubble length virtually eliminates any problem with ingrown hairs. Just a thought for where looks are more important that a smooth tactile finish. NOTE: 1 AA Battery included.

PS334 Cleancut Facial Trimmer
Shipping Weight 1/2 pound



Note: Picture above is of a PS335 Trimmer Head. It's identical to the PS334 except for orientation.


2009 Text and Images by Donner Spring Design